Vintage size 16 plus

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Retrobaby has a great collection of unused vintage women’s clothing in a size 16  up to 26 (or L to XXXL). It is now available in our online store.

We are excited about the collection because for years we have been hearing customers lament ‘I love vintage but you won’t have anything to fit me!’ Well, not only can retrobaby fit-out the more voluptuous woman in vintage fashion, but our collection is all mint condition unused vintage.

The 16 plus summer frocks have been selling like hot cakes in our shop at Lorne. Our customers are amazed at how flattering the vintage styles are. Also the quality of the vintage fabric. And so comfortable and cool in the heat.

What will look good on me?

From experience in the shop we find that the 60s mod style shift fits those women who have a smaller bust and larger waist and hips:

The 70s fitted princess line suits those with a larger bust and smaller waist. This model is short and has a 44 bust but a small waist:

Or if you want to look like Joan from Madmen you can do XL sexy ( I would shorten this dress for our short model):

Or for the changing figure, as your waist slims down add a belt. Check out this beautifully made linen 60s frock.

And the vintage smock from all eras fits the rounder figure. Just pretend our model is round all over.

When you are calculating your size, please allow yourself to be a few centimeters less than the garment’s measurements which we list. Most of the fabrics are non-stretch, and are designed to fit loosely on the body, definitely not a tight fit.

Our Guarantee

We want you to as happy as our storefront customers with fit and style. Perhaps the garment you select may not suit you – so feel confident we will happily exchange this garment and will do all we can to help you with your selection. Just let us know.


retrobabyonline – here at last!

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Welcome to our debut. It’s been a while coming – but it’s worth the wait.

We bring you the best vintage has to offer, and are thrilled to include  fabulous vintage swimsuits, 16 + vintage, and children’s fashion.

This is the the beginning, so stand by over the coming weeks for great new additions

So for starters, take a peek at some bathing beauties, part of our swimsuit collection. While our customers in Lorne can’t get enough of our swimsuits, we are offering some the our best little numbers to you who can’t get down to our seaside.

1940s swim or play suit. Checkered bow on pocket, boy leg.

1970s vintage bikini. Red French, with little gold studs.

1950s style swimsuit. With shirred back. ‘More is less’ – yum.